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Granby, Connecticut

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Licensed Hemp Grower in Connecticut

Outdoor grown and hang dried by hand

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2020 Hemp Seed Planting

This is a short video of us planting our hemp seeds for 2020.  We planted Stormy Daniels and Gatsby hemp seeds from EcoGen labs.  Looking forward to watching these plants grow over the next few months and bringing everyone along on our journey!

What We Do

We are a small family owned and operated farm in Granby, Connecticut. Our farm sits on two acres with a 1761 farmhouse and a big old red barn!

Our vegetables and hemp are organically grown without pesticides. All of our crops are outdoor grown in the ideal Connecticut soil during the most beautiful seasons. We also have a small flock of free range chickens who are organically fed and provide us with the most delicious fresh eggs.

We sell our raw hemp, along with our full spectrum CBD products through this website. We also have a farm stand where we share our vegetables and eggs locally.

Who We Are

This farm is run by Andrew and Courtney. We are a husband and wife team who want the best life for our little girl. We aren’t fifth generation farmers, we don’t own 1,000 acres in the middle of Nebraska, we did not grow up around farming, but we DO have a lot of unique life experiences, two acres of amazing soil, an extreme passion and appreciation for farming, an insane drive to do anything possible to allow our daughter to grow up outside, to eat fresh food from our soil and to learn how to imagine, build and grow on a regular basis.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality, healthy, organic food and hemp products to our family and community. To be as transparent as possible with our business and to spark some happiness along the way.