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Hemp - Sourcing and Testing!

The world of hemp is not easy to navigate.  There are a lot of products out there and a lot of misinformation or no information.  When it comes to using or buying raw or processed hemp, here are our thoughts: KNOW WHERE YOUR HEMP COMES FROM First, know the source of your purchased hemp.  This is especially important for raw hemp since you are using the actual plant.  When it comes to processed hemp (such as oils or lotions), there are different ways that companies make their CBD products.  Some use their own hemp that they grew themselves (like us at Addison Farm).  Others either (i) buy raw hemp biomass to extract themselves and use it in their products or (ii) buy extracted hemp (such as crude oil or distillate)...

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Ways to Use Raw Hemp Flower

[Addison Farm Raw Hemp Flower] Raw hemp flower is rich in cannabinol (CBD), which is one of the many wonderful cannabinoids in hemp.  It has a myriad of benefits for our overall health and well being, but what the heck can you do with it?  We get this question a lot and we think the possibilities are endless, really! We, at Addison Farm, have tried a couple of different things that have worked for us so we wanted to share them with you: Coffee:  Grind up raw hemp flower (or trim) and sprinkle it into your coffee (we use 0.2 grams).  Hemp is not water soluble so it helps to add some sort of fat to your coffee (for example, milk, MCT...

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Athletes and CBD

Andy and I were Division I athletes.  Sports have been a HUGE part of our lives.  You may even say that sports defined us for a long time.  There are a million reasons why sports are incredible for your body - for us, we were probably the strongest, most fit, healthiest we have ever been during those soccer years.  But sports can also take a toll on your body.  You push yourself to the limit, you have your fair share of bumps, bruises and breaks.  We wouldn't trade playing college soccer for a second, but we are dealing with the effects 15 years later.  Our bodies are, well, a little..defeated.  Andy and I don't like taking prescription medications.  We would...

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