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Hemp - Sourcing and Testing!

Hemp - Sourcing and Testing!

The world of hemp is not easy to navigate.  There are a lot of products out there and a lot of misinformation or no information.  When it comes to using or buying raw or processed hemp, here are our thoughts:


First, know the source of your purchased hemp.  This is especially important for raw hemp since you are using the actual plant.  When it comes to processed hemp (such as oils or lotions), there are different ways that companies make their CBD products.  Some use their own hemp that they grew themselves (like us at Addison Farm).  Others either (i) buy raw hemp biomass to extract themselves and use it in their products or (ii) buy extracted hemp (such as crude oil or distillate) from an extraction company, which can include hemp from one or more farms.  This matters to some people because they want to know how the underlying hemp was grown (organically, whether pesticides were used, etc.), which research can only be done if you know the source of the hemp.


Second, testing of the raw hemp and final product is so important!  Hemp absorbs a lot of what is in the soil, that is why heavy metal and pesticide testing is key.  Clearly you don't want to be ingesting heavy metals or pesticides so make sure the test results show that the raw hemp or processed hemp "passed" (meaning it is within the appropriate levels).  The other testing you should look for is the cannabinoid profile testing.  This includes results for how many cannabinoids (including CBD) and how much of each, are contained within the plant or the product.  These results include the percentage of CBD in the plant or product.  If you buy raw hemp, and want to calculate how many milligrams (mg) of CBD is in your raw hemp, you will use the percentage of CBD to do these calculations (examples of these calculations can be found on our raw hemp product pages).  If you buy CBD oil or lotion, the amount of CBD within the product has already been calculated and should be listed on the label.  CBD is absorbed differently for everyone so there is no specific amount that someone is recommended to take.  We always say start small and build up!


At Addison Farm, all of our hemp comes from our family owned and operated farm in Granby, CT.  Our hemp is organically grown without pesticides.  For our processed hemp, we partnered with Northeast Processing in Brattleboro, VT to extract our hemp and formulate it into CBD oils and lotion (coming soon!).  As for testing, we always use a third party lab to test our raw hemp and our final products!  You can find the test results on our product pages.  We want to be as transparent as possible and give everyone the best (and safest) product we can!

Whether you use Addison Farm hemp/products or get it somewhere else, we always recommend doing your research!!  Businesses should be transparent with the source and the testing results.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

*All of the pictures in this post are from our 2019 hemp season - showing our organically grown, pesticide free hemp, which was grown and harvested at our very own Addison Farm in Granby, CT.


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