Our Story

A Lawyer, an Engineer, a beautiful little baby girl..and now a farm!

The story of how we ended up at Addison Farm is a long one, but I'll try to keep it short.  We have made many sacrifices in our lives but none were as big as the ones that we made when we had our daughter.  My wife Courtney, working full time as a lawyer, and I (Andrew) working full time as an engineer, decided we wanted to add another person to our family.  In July, 2016 we were blessed with our baby girl, Addison.  Everything seemed perfect, until my wife's maternity leave was up.  The week before Courtney was going back to work we did a trial run at daycare.  We didn't even last 1 day, it did not feel right leaving our baby with someone else.  Even though everyone told us that we should put her into daycare, that we would be fine, we both had great jobs and they would take great care of her; we knew in our hearts that this was not the path for us.  We rattled our brains and decided that I would quit my engineering job and watch Addison during the day while Courtney worked full time.  Right before Addison was born, I had opened an automotive shop and was working there when I had the time in between working full time as an engineer.  When I left my engineering job, we decided I would work at the shop at night.  All seemed fine for a little while.
Fast forward 2 years, I had grown my shop to be successful to the point where I was looking to hire someone.  My wife had advanced in her career becoming even more successful.  I spent all day with Addison, Courtney spent all night with Addison.  Wait...that doesn't seem right.  When did Courtney, Addison and I get to spend time together?  The answer is we didn't. 
After some deliberation we decided we needed to make a huge change in our life.  That family and happiness were more important than anything else.  At the same time we were offered a business opportunity to grow hemp in Colorado at my sister's farm.  So, crazily, we packed up our house and put it on the market, I shut down my shop, my wife resigned from her job.  This was all just a tornado of events happening so fast, when the dust finally settled we were on a beautiful farm in Colorado looking at the mountains.  Our family was whole again, I worked on the farm, Courtney spent her days with Addison, literal bliss.
Unfortunately, that was short lived.  After 3 months of building infrastructure, and loving the farm life it came to a screeching halt.  There were some disagreements that could not be worked out and we saw that our dreams of a happy life were not going to be fulfilled there.  Seeing the writing on the wall we packed up our life once again and moved back to Connecticut with my in-laws.  However, all was not lost, we had gained a lot of knowledge and had a glimpse into what life should be like.  We knew that we had to create that life again for ourselves.  So we bought a property, bought a tractor, and started Addison Farm. 
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