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Sometimes the world has better plans than you could have imagined.

We moved out to Colorado to start a business growing and selling hemp. At the time, Connecticut did not allow hemp to be grown in the state. Things fell apart in Colorado and as soon as we got back to Connecticut, the Hemp Pilot Program was approved. We thought leaving Colorado meant our plans to farm hemp were gone. Instead they were just beginning.

We bought our property (the property was on the market for about 5 days - it was meant to be!) and then applied for our hemp grower license. We were approved and currently hold license #25.  

Being part of this pilot program means a lot to us. We both grew up in Connecticut and went to UCONN. It is historic what is going on in the state and to be one of the first to receive a license and grow and study this beautiful plant is a gift. We have also met some wonderful people during this process, during a time when we were beginning to lose faith in the kindness of people.

What this year gave us was HOPE. Hope that we can build the life we want for our daughter. Hope that we can start a new business on our own. And hope that life turns out the way it is supposed to turn out.

We had a rough start to this hemp season, but we found our groove and are very happy with how the process is going. Here are some pictures to show what we have done so far. We will update this page when the season is complete!

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[Sprouts coming up]
 [Seedings showing their beautiful color]
 [Cherry Blossom Seedlings]
[Andy in the greenhouse with the seedlings] 
 [Addison helping transplant the seedlings into larger pots]
[Cherry Blossom Seedling] 
 [Watering in the greenhouse - almost ready to be planted outside]
 [The first set of Cherry Blossoms being planted outside]
[Field #1 of Cherry Blossoms]
[Addison checking out the Cherry Blossoms]
 [Field #2 of Stormy Daniels being planted]
[Field #2 of Stormy Daniels] 
 [Beautiful Stormy Daniels plant]
 [The Cherry Blossoms growing nicely!]
 [The Stormy Daniels love being outside!]
 [The Cherry Blossoms getting big!]
 [Addison helping in the fields]
 [Goodnight Cherry Blossoms]
 [Stormy Daniels getting big!]
 [Stormy Daniels in front of the barn]
 [Good morning Cherry Blossoms - next to greenhouse]
 [Our front field and the farmhouse]
 [Starting to flower!]
 [Flowering like crazy!]
 [The Stormy Daniels are as tall as Addison]
 [Andy checking on his babies]
[What a beautiful sight]
 [The flowers keep getting prettier]
[Can you find Andrew? ;)]
 [Stormy Daniels Flower!]
 [Cherry Blossom Flower!]
 [Field #2 Flowering]
 [Field #1 Flowering]
[Courtney cleaning up Field #1]
 [Morning views]
 [Loving the weather and growing so nicely!]
 [Sampling Day]
[Goodnight, hemp plants]