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This type of lifestyle started for Courtney when she was pregnant with Addison. Courtney cut out everything - no alcohol (obviously!), soda, caffeine, sweets, sugars. She tried to eat everything all organic, keeping it simple. Vegetables, rice, meat, fruit, basically everything with one ingredient. She was happy and healthy throughout the pregnancy, and then gave birth to our wonderful happy and healthy baby. That carried on into Addison's meals. We prepared all of her meals from scratch (even made our own baby food) - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Maybe over kill, but to be honest she now loves eating healthy and especially loves her vegetables! Addison is 3 years old and we plan to continue feeding her the best and healthiest foods we can for the foreseeable future. We believe that having good gut health at a young age leads to good eating habits, healthy lifestyle and weight control for the rest of your life.

It took Andrew a little bit longer to get into this lifestyle, he tried a couple of times to cut out many of the bad things, but when you work from 7:00 pm to 5:00 am and then have to be up with your daughter at 8:00 am, you eat whatever is going to keep you awake. So finally when we went to Colorado Andrew was in the right setting. Courtney was cooking great meals, we had fresh eggs from the free range chickens, we had raw milk from a local farmer, we also had honey made right on the property. So Andrew ate really well and between the food and the farming work Andrew's body reacted very well. He lost a lot of weight and had a ton of energy. Unfortunately, after things went downhill in Colorado and having to drag our family across the country again, Andrew fell into the trap of eating junk all over again. Gained the weight back and felt horrible.

Then everything changed for Andrew again. Now that we have our own farm, we are making sure that we do everything that we can to get that organic lifestyle back. We have our own chickens that produce delicious eggs for us. We are using all organic soils and fertilizers, all organic seeds for our vegetables and produce, no pesticides or sprays, trying to grow our own food so we know exactly what we are eating and limit the amount of food we need to buy from other sources. Anything that we have in excess we are going to put into a roadside farm stand to sell to our local community. We hope that this lifestyle will help people feel healthy and happy the same way it has helped us!