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In our searches across Connecticut we found it very difficult to find a piece of farm property with a beautiful house to make our home. Most places either had a beautiful property with a run down house or a beautiful property with a huge house that was way above our price range. While Andrew is not afraid of fixing anything, he knew with a new business he would want to be spending his time building the farm not rebuilding my house. Courtney found this beautiful farmhouse that was updated in Granby, CT. We took one look and knew this was the house for us. Sitting on just under two acres, this house was built in 1761 and took our breath away. It also has a beautiful old barn that will definitely be useful in storing all Andrew's tools and for the farm. After one showing we knew we would never find another house that suited us better, so we jumped at the opportunity!

After what seemed like forever, we quickly got to moving in and creating a new home for Addison. Within the first couple weeks, we dropped off our 40' shipping container and unloaded it, took delivery of our tractor, made a 6" deep pad of crushed stone, built the greenhouse, plowed the fields, painted Addison's room, and the list goes on and on!

With this beautiful piece of property, a new greenhouse, and our CT hemp grower's license, we were on our way!